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Who Do We Fund

The Georgina Foundation has been able to make a difference in people’s lives. For those registered charitable organizations that have limited funding resources, even a small amount of funding can make a difference. For some agencies, it may mean being able to send another child to a camp for children with disabilities or it may help support an agency which provides a specially trained nanny to support a child whose mother is in palliative care or recently deceased. In other cases, it may teach a low income family on a restricted budget how to prepare nutritious meals for their family or provide a senior with a program to help prevent isolation. Time and time again, The Georgina Foundation has shown that no matter how small the funding level, typically between $200 - $2,000, every little bit helps those in need from enabling families going through cancer to get away from the everyday stresses to supporting food banks, abused women, seniors, children/youth and those facing poverty.

“We are pleased to report that it (funding from The Georgina Foundation) has had a positive impact on our programs, enabling children who are non-verbal, or have limited verbal communication skills to interact more effectively with their instructors.” ... Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre

The Georgina Foundation's areas of funding interest historically have included:

AIDS/HIV Alcohol & Drug Abuse Alzheimer's Disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Autism At-Risk Youth Cerebral Palsy Child Abuse
Children's Physical & Mental Health Crisis Services Family Counselling Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Food Banks Geriatrics Palliative Care Shelters
Spina Bifida Visually & Hearing Impaired People Women's Health  
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