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Over the Georgina Foundation’s long history, our mission has been to support the health and well-being of others. Funding has been provided to support a wide variety of programs and service in the areas of social, physical and mental health.

The Foundation provides funding in the range of $200 - $2,000 per agency in order to be able to support as many charitable organizations as possible. Agencies must demonstrate that funding will make a difference to the service or program for which they are requesting support. Organizations chosen to receive funding typically have great financial need and receive limited funding from other sources.

Physical and Mental Health

Helping with the growing need for physical and mental health programs and services.

Support Services

Helping organizations that provide supportive programs and services.

Food Banks

Supporting food banks across Canada.


Home Away From Home

How did The Georgina Foundation come to be? Imagine the loneliness of a young lady back in the early 1900s coming to the big city, Toronto, to seek employment or education and not knowing a soul. Jobs for women were scarce and were typically office jobs or housework that did not pay well. How would young women ever be able to cope in the big city, away from family and friends, let alone find decent and safe accommodation on their meagre incomes?

Who Do We Fund

The Georgina Foundation has been able to make a difference in people's lives. For those registered charitable organizations that have limited funding resources, even a small amount of funding can make a difference. For some agencies, it may mean being able to send another child to a camp for children with disabilities or it may help support an agency which provides a specially trained nanny to support a child whose mother is in palliative care or recently deceased. In other cases, it may teach a low income family on a restricted budget how to prepare nutritious meals for their family or provide a senior with a program to help prevent isolation. Time and time again, The Georgina Foundation has shown that no matter how small the funding level, typically between $200 - $2,000, every little bit helps those in need from enabling families going through cancer to get away from the everyday stresses to supporting food banks, abused women, seniors, children/youth and those facing poverty.

The Georgina Foundation's area of funding has included:


Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Alzheimer's Disease

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


At-Risk Youth

Cerebral Palsy

Child Abuse

Children's Physical & Mental Health

Crisis Services

Family Counselling

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Food Banks


Palliative Care


Visually & Hearing Impaired People

Women's Health


Apply For Funding

The Georgina Foundation has been able to make a difference in people’s lives. For those registered charitable organizations that have limited funding resources, even a small amount of funding can make a difference. Learn how to apply for funding from The Georgina Foundation today.

Why Donate

The Georgina Foundation has been assisting people across Canada since 1978. The Foundation welcomes financial contributions to assist its charitable endeavours. With so many charities always asking for funding, you may ask “Why should I donate to The Georgina Foundation?”

Here’s why! Every penny of every donation goes toward providing funding to registered charitable organizations to assist them in reaching out to make available a helping hand to those less fortunate than yourself. Unlike other charities, you won’t receive a pen or Christmas cards or shopping bags. What you will receive is peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that 100% of your donation is supporting people in need, across a broad spectrum.

The Georgina Foundation supports many charitable organizations across Canada that have limited funding resources and for which even the smallest amount of funding will make a difference. What their clients have in common is the need for a helping hand to support and guide them as they face life’s many challenges.


Board Members

The Georgina Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Their role is to responsibly manage the assets of the Foundation. It is the Board's responsibility to receive and review applications for funding requests and to allocate funds.

Charlotte Orser


Nancy Hill

Vice President

Jane Baker


Debra Boyce


Liz Horodyski

Allocations Coordinator

Christie Brenchley

Executive Board Member

Barb Breston

Executive Board Member

Susan Glickman

Executive Board Member

Susan Jeung

Executive Board Member

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